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Anyone been to / know about this conf? - heard about it at the exhibition of from a woman who did a video analysis on different violin bowing styles cc @taylorbaldwin

...and with @taylorbaldwin at lunch catching up on classical piano repertoire and viz ideas for composed music

echoing @francis : who's at Eyeo next week?

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Will I have the chance to meet anyone from here at festival next week?

great reference source for chart weirdness

just barely made the deadline for reddit viz battle of march yesterday:
more work to do on this, I feel like I just scratched the surface

WIP, I like critical feedback. This is a rehash of
with just a few countries for now, point is to focus on food security outlook for the Sahel. Hand-laid out in Sketch, data (x, y) not 100% accurate yet. Bivariate color scheme lifted from

wow. I just pulled off exporting in-browser graphics via html2canvas + stackoverflow code to do: on click, render the clicked (svg+DOM+canvas) element plus the 300px below to a new canvas element, then trigger a download of appropriately-named .png
way better than manual screenshots.

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In case you're interested how the auto-detection of colorblind issues in Datawrapper works, I wrote it all down in an interactive blog post

soooooo psyched I got eyeo tix!

jumping on the theme, a nearly unreadable plot that I love - examines utilization rate vs 25-yr average $ volume of imports / exports in 1200 commodities among NAFTA countries. I call it Alien Embryo

for those wondering what the intermittent ba-dink sound is and how to squelch it