update: colorblind friendly (though not necessary final color palette) and dashed lines to make the "fence" permeable

not sure if I've posted this here yet: hackathon next month in Boston in partnership with Northeastern U: eventbrite.com/e/sourcing-bost

first pass, looking for feedback.
my boss asked me to redesign the org chart for our group, removing reporting hierarchy as the organizing principle. we're a team of teams across locations, we pool resources on projects and leaders of teams collaborate to keep the whole thing aligned. this is an abstracted view, roles are more nuanced and varied in real life. I think the zoomed out view would have this as a node in a network with other similarly structured nodes

nested violins, per metric, become petals. I think I need to weight the counts relative to country populations, not just number of countries in the cohorts

WIP nested violins. to show distribution of cohorts vs population

spiral timeseries WIP, with happy accident

finally got a short-read version of this topic out under the company blog: blogs.thomsonreuters.com/answe
we released the report in DC in April, I contributed 5-6 visuals, a couple of which are in that article. One of which, Resilience vs Readiness, I got great critique feedback on from this community which made it stronger

mastodonians: I'm looking for feedback and input on speaking topic ideas for a Design for AI conference we're planning for 2019, thanks in advance: goo.gl/forms/6uNUFrjGIhG4388K2

@nailpolishbot thank you for making me learn how to block in mastadon

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ok peeps what is the diff, boost v fav here?

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@noahi I really like this colorpicker because it shows you the full HCL color spectrum available to choose from and gives you visually equidistant colors: tristen.ca/hcl-picker/

4 job openings at Thomson Reuters Labs! Data Scientist, Boston jobs.thomsonreuters.com/ShowJo
Data Experience Developer, London jobs.thomsonreuters.com/ShowJo
Data Science Enginner, London jobs.thomsonreuters.com/ShowJo
Innovation Lead, London jobs.thomsonreuters.com/ShowJo

hit me up if you want the inside scoop on these roles and how the Labs work

Anyone been to / know about this conf? tenor-conference.org/ - heard about it at the exhibition of northeastern.edu/art/encoding- from a woman who did a video analysis on different violin bowing styles cc @taylorbaldwin

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