@moritz Affinity Designer + Pixelmator. I still go back to Inkscape when I need to stay close to my SVG.

I had lots of fun visiting the studio in Milano, meeting @p_maravich and a beautiful team. If you want to know all about their next projects, I didn't sign an NDA, so I can give you all the spoilers! 😜

@p_maravich That could work. I will probably be in this area with my family anyway. See you then!

Any idea who I should reach out to for hosting the d3 unconf this year? Probably 2 days over a week-end in Oct or Nov

@micahstubbs private server (you know, the kind you pay for or you just run in your basement?)

@p_maravich I will be in Milano probably around August 8-10. Will you be available?

@p_maravich That sounds excellent. I will let you know as soon as my dates are set.

@p_maravich We made a datavis glitches exhibition last year in Quebec. I will be close to Milan at the end of summer if you want to collaborate on one in Italy medium.com/@christopheviau/gra

If you are in Montreal tomorrow night (April 25), come to a lightning talk of 8 of the best speakers from the CHI conference meetup.com/vismtl/events/24964

@ilyabo Yes it was! Here is the talk Aaron and myself gave about MapD and how we contribute to the open-source community pscp.tv/w/1BdGYMZXQAlGX

I will be in SF this week Mon to Wed, available at night for hacking, eating, drawing, meetups. Let's meet!

2 meetups in 2 days with our Community Manager. I talked about how MapD is extending Dc.js, Vega and contributing back. Blog post to follow soon!


Didn't know about this nice hack to get interactive graphics into Medium blog posts: put an iframe into JSfiddle and then embed it vis.social/media/SeX378LX9s9jz vis.social/media/PbJSaXk-DoEp1
(used here medium.com/google-news-lab/wha)

btw, is Matthiew Daniels already in here somewhere?

Hi everyone, in case you are interested, we have a FREE symposium coming up. It's called Data Intersections thefunctionalart.com/2018/01/o You could use that excuse to spend a short vacation in Miami! vis.social/media/M6tr_YdKubjAf

v5.0.0 (RC2)
* d3-contour
* d3-fetch
* d3-scale-chromatic
* d3-create
* selection.clone

new bay area d3 meetup alert! meetup.com/Bay-Area-d3-User-Gr in Oakland on 2/13 we are throwing a block party!

it's an idea I've had for a while to try a different event format. I plan to MC and "VJ" blocks that I find interesting as well as ones people attending are interested in. I imagine it will be a fun way to dive into a wide variety of tech & design inspirations

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