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Twitter is a horror show, @scott has given us sanctuary here... let's try and make work! Lot's of people talking about and moving to Mastodon this week, but nobody know how it works?

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Finally realized this thing I've been day-dreaming of for months. Its nowhere close to done but I'm so stoked

Needed to compute color contrast procedurally today for labels inside of a heatmap, really enjoyed this stack overflow post. Thank you internet.

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Thanks Andy! Here's another one showing a players home runs in a season. Basically exporting 3d models and printing them.

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Started turning some of my data visuals into 3d prints. Thought I'd share! This is a density map of where baseballs are hit on the field

Is anyone else here building data exploration interfaces? What's your stack? Link to recent work!

I'm in react / d3 / canvas

Hi all! I'm Colin, I work on interactive data exploration web applications in React & D3/canvas/svg.

I specialize in visualizations that involve machine learning / statistical inference involved at some level, and right now my visualization work is in the sciences.

My most recent work is here: and I have a large project I'm excited to share once it's out of alpha :)

Thanks for putting this together @scott!

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