So this year was the first year out of the past five that They Might Be Giants wasn't my top artist (they were number 2).

In 2011 I was evaluating Spotify and Rdio for a streaming service. I landed on Rdio because it had a better UI (I still miss their UI). In 2015 I switched back to Spotify because of the higher quality audio they offered (for once I could actually tell the difference in the quality) and then SEED was bought by Spotify so I ended up working there.

That's where the gap from 2011–2015 comes from.


Surprising absolutely no one that knows me.

Sometimes it's nice when you're own conception of your identity lines up with reality.

@darth_mall I'm not sure I'd call reports, based on tech-co surveillance of us, 'reality'. Yes, they're trying to capture as much of our realities as they can, but for now it's still sampling from reality. :)

@kristinHenry there was definitely an element of that at Spotify, but the year in review stuff isn’t quite like that. It’s fairly innocuous.

And for me, nearly all of my music listening happens on spotify, so they’ve got a pretty accurate picture of what I listen to. 😁

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