@scanlime are you looking for work right now? I can keep an eye out for things that are (hopefully) less terrible than average

@doctormo other than the tiling window manager in Pop!_OS, I'm pretty interested in alternative to GNOME these days

@doctormo NetworkManager is such a source of frustration for me. Our VPN uses a pkcs11 cert on a CAC card, but network manager won't let you configure a VPN connection with the pkcs URL. It only lets you point to a certificate file on your filesystem. openconnect (which it's using under the hood to make the VPN connection) works just fine with the URL

I discovered today that someone over on fxhash has created an account using my name and a link to my OpenProcessing profile and they are apparently taking other people’s code for their NFTs.

Tweeted at fxhash about it; hopefully they’ll do something about it (not like that’s going to make much of a difference).

But just to be clear, I am not on fxhash or any other crypto/NFT/web3 platform.

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> tartan without art is just tan
this explains utilikilts

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made a typo on a google search and discovered a kind of stringed instrument i'd never heard of


@scanlime wait… what? Someone who does not own the property put a lock the spigot to keep people from using it? Setting aside the absolute dickishness of wanting to keep people from getting water who need it, what right do they have to prevent you from using your own water?

Reason #5,489 not to go on LinkedIn 

You find out a friend is now working for some Blockchain company

@scanlime it's such a shame how much capitalism and egotism can ruin a good thing. I always admired your ability to reverse engineer things and mod them, and it was such fun to play those games with that hardware with you (although the loud clacking of the GameCube controllers did make it hard for me to sleep sometimes when you and David were playing Tetris Attack 😂)

@doctormo I think of this as the "ATM philosophy of design". Everything—regardless of the complexity of the domain—should be easy to use like an ATM; i.e. any person should be able to walk up and figure out how to use it without any education and minimal effort, just like an ATM.

It strikes me as a utopian approach to design that will always disappoint.

us police, minor 

@scanlime I kind of love the image of a cop with lights and a siren attached to the top of their helmets. It's like something out of Police Squad/Naked Gun

@aral out of curiosity, what about something native to the platform like Web Components. You could try a small library like μhtml for dom-diffing updates and probably figure out a way to handle SSR with it.

Platform-native technology like Web Components and template strings feel like they align more with your work.


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@scanlime I've been kind of itching to play Cities: Skylines, and now I'm wondering if it'll run ok on my laptop and I can play while we watch TV at night🤔

gameing + 

@scanlime there's also this, which I haven't had a chance to check out, but looks related and cool


gameing + 

@scanlime I have this problem when I play Cities: Skylines. I feel bad about demolishing people's homes, so I try never to rezone anything, and then it sprawls and gets out of hand.

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