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VR, snark 

I often feel like people who are into VR don't really think anymore deeply about it than this

1. It's immersive!
2. ???
3. Profit!

Sadly, I'm not sure that the photos I thought were on here are on here. There's one Aperture library I can check, but I'm less hopeful now.

On the other hand I recovered a bunch of music I didn't expect to find.

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Wow. 😮 I found a FileVault recovery key that was mislabeled, but was actually for this hard drive! So I can recover all of these photos. 🎉

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Trying to remember a password from 10 years ago to decrypt a hard drive that has some photos. 😖

How's your day going?

Anyone have any photo editing software on Android they like? Prefer something open source from f-droid, but as long as it's not dependent on Google services, that's fine.

I'm looking to replace VSCO because VSCO just trashes the EXIF data on my images and it's really irritating.

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Does anyone recommend a Mastodon client for iOS that doesn't treat image alt text and accessibility features as an afterthought? Using Mast now and I can tell accessibility was not a priority for them.

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Accessibility question for users of assistive technologies 

The WAI-ARIA guidelines for modal dialogs say that, when you press Tab to change focus, focus should cycle back to the beginning of the dialog after you reach the end.

However, with upcoming browser APIs like <dialog> and "inert", focus instead returns to the browser chrome itself (the URL bar, etc.). Is this a problem for you? Would you find it surprising?

More details:

#accessibility #a11y

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Hi, folks. I haven't been active on for a while. Huge thanks to @kristinHenry for taking over as admin! Please support this instance by donating or

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Perhaps one of the only truly good things about modern technology is that I can remember that I finished my book last night, pull out my pocket computer, go to the website for my local library, find the next book in the series, check out the ebook, & send it to my Kindle so that I have something to read tonight.

I have a strong dislike of Amazon, but I love my Kindle. It's also one of the few pieces of tech I have that is more than 5 years old (I think) & not showning it's age at all.

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"The web is something different" by @davatron5000

"I’ve come to accept that if there are bugs on the web or if there’s a massive quality dip on a site you’re visiting… that is a sign the web is working. It means some unqualified person was able to skip past the gatekeepers and put something online."

Nice, nuanced perspective in this post. I appreciate it.

Someone needs to explain to the US Government that sending out SMS messages from 5-digit numbers with garbage URLs looks like a scam.

Just got a text that seems to be from the Census Bureau asking me to take a COVID impact survey. The domain is, but the URL path looks like someone cat'ed /dev/urandom into Apache's docroot. So I went to to see if they linked to any kind of impact survey. Nope.

This is not how you appear trustworthy in 2021, gang.

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journalism, burnout 

"I’ve seen far too many people in this industry encourage the pretense that a journalist’s job is simply to find 'the experts' and report out 'the facts.' Instead, I did my best work when I knew the source material well enough to fully engage with it and well enough to grapple with difficult questions about how best to approach what I learned." Real talk from Sara Simon:

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@tripofmice do you have any hosting recommendations for BookWyrm? Been thinking about running a small instance for friends and family. Looking for an inexpensive solution to start.

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cnpol, xinjiang, mass surveillance 

"Xinjiang really shows how privacy is a gateway right, where if you have no privacy, that’s where you see that you have no freedoms as a human being at all. You don’t have the right to practice your religion, you don’t have the right to be who you are, you don’t even have the right to think your own thoughts because your thoughts are being parsed out by these incessant visits and incessantly monitored by surveillance systems, whether they’re human or artificial, and evaluated constantly for your level of loyalty to the government."

Excellent reporting by @yaelwrites

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Well, I think I've got webmentions up and running on my site. This is not easy to test, so I'm testing in production, I guess. 😅

Kind of want to build myself some extra input device for handling shortcuts with a screen reader.

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Fediverse accessibility challenge: before boosting a post without alternative text (“alt text”) for people who use screenreaders and other assistive technologies, reply to it with the alt text.

#AltBeforeYouBoost #AltBeforeYouPost #a11y

signal, uspol, - 

So I guess maybe this is related to recent changes to WhatsApp's privacy policy, not Parler?

I'd really prefer that to be true. Fuck Facebook.

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