@gka as a fellow grumpy german i approve of this post 👍

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@scott @jschwabish super interesting - thanks for digging all these sources up!

@scott @jschwabish do we have numbers on the overall gender distribution on twitter? hard to imagine that it would be 80% male, though... (my numbers are pretty similar btw)

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If you are in Montreal tomorrow night (April 25), come to a lightning talk of 8 of the best speakers from the CHI conference meetup.com/vismtl/events/24964

@gka @scott i took more offense with the quote since simply adding one more (visual) dimension doesn't change the overall scalability of a visualization (what @dutchdatadesign already said before & much better).

if you really want to troll me, say something like "we need 3D visualization to solve big data" 😜

@gka @scott @dutchdatadesign but to get back to the topic: "never use 3D in viz" seems to me like one of those design rules that you should only violate if you're absolutely sure what you're doing...
but i'm convinced that 3D could be interesting, also in combination with AR or some other future stuff (see hackernoon.com/can-augmented-r)

@gka @scott @dutchdatadesign thank you everyone for the super-insightful discussion and sorry about launching this whole thing and then disappearing 🕳😊

the quote was verbatim from a conference talk by someone who's doing sci-fi interfaces for movies, so I was really curious what you would think about it.
one major thing I found problematic about his talk was the UX/interaction aspect or: that no one had ever actually USED one of their interfaces 😀

"we have so much data these days, why aren't we using 3D visualizations?" - discuss

@topazdsgn might be that they're on a different mastodon instance... mastodon.art/about looks promising.

@scott Figma (figma.com/) is an interesting alternative for online collaboration that also supports Sketch files

@nrchtct you're looking for a digital version I guess? I could lend you a hardcopy ;)

@scheidegger browserstack works pretty well for testing (even for mobile devices). but it won't save you from infinitely tweaking CSS ;)

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The OpenVis Conf speaker list is up — happy to see some familiar faces, and even happier to see some unfamiliar ones, too! openvisconf.com/#speakers Who's coming?

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