A ridgeline/joy-plot combined with a brush to show the combined values of an area (data is from a survey on attitudes about the eu in Austria, by party affiliation, bit.ly/2S7sBSX)

i'm always a little unhappy with line charts for polling data where there are a lot of spikes and up and down movement, so i tried my luck with a moving average and a brush to show the details.

finally i came around to translate some experiences i had with google vision, trying to analyse pictures of politicians drawingdata.net/nrpics/index_e

I was wondering what you think about a stepwise (?) interpolation for line charts (instead of linear)? I've been using it for election results recently as I think it's a better representation of the data (as the results do not change over time, but on election day).

I've also used it for displaying multiple results at a time, and while I was happy with the bar/density-like effect between the changes at first, I'm starting to think linear is somewhat clearer in this case.

TIL completely horizontal or vertical svg paths disappear when using a linear gradient as stroke (solutions are to use userSpaceOnUse as gradientUnits or to make them just a little uneven).

Btw I think TIL does not really capture the whole emotional kaleidoscope of such trial-and-error moments...

From the Berliner Morgenpost, the sound of the decline of the Social Democratic Party (based on polls): interaktiv.morgenpost.de/spd-a

i tried a little "handdrawn" highlighting:
(the whole piece can be found here, but beware, it's in german drawingdata.net/tirol2018)


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Hey y'all, I am *very* excited to launch a new Datawrapper feature today:

We added an integrated color blindness simulation and *automated color checking*!


Here's the blog post explaining it all blog.datawrapper.de/colorblind

my first steps with an observable notebook (a little poll viewer): beta.observablehq.com/@ginseng

really amazing what you can do - and i'm sure i don't understand the half of it yet. great tool and fun to use, especially for my trial-error-approach to coding.

a little brush () on an election map (austria), and finally the brush stays on resize - the little things that make me happy (and keep me far too long in front of the screen) vis.social/media/ah8lZsHNQnlkS

first, i work as a political scientist in austria, and try to turn all those crosstabs in something less crosstabely (collected at drawingdata.net, although mostly german). i mostly enjoy the moment when some code just miracolously works (thank you ) - and yes, of course, i just followed @scott here from the birdy


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