Been working on a granular synth abstraction for months and it's almost ready for a 0.1 release. Here's a little improvisation using it with pianoteq and panagement reverb (algo / generative sequencing done in PD).

Shout out to Modartt and Auburn Sounds for really high quality Linux-native pro audio software!

this patch selects frequencies from environmental sound and plays them back as 3.5-second sine tones. simple concept, but getting the feedback rejection to work was a little complex.

the frequencies it picked up were not the ones I was expecting, it seemed to like the 100-200hz range best and mostly ignored the drills. (maybe my laptop mic has some extra sensitivity right before it falls off the low end?)

getting lost in FM & AM drones. somehow I think my oscillators got out of phase and I'm better for it.

rediscovered this topic while reading through Allen Strange this morning and realised I'd never really dug into it. both frequency modulation (FM) and amplitude modulation (AM) operate on a carrier signal (in this case a simple sine) and create "sideband" frequencies above and below it. while AM creates two new tones, FM creates infinite, depending on the strength of the modulator. fun stuff!

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Not my "primary research" but some fun sounds. Karplus-Strong plucks and reconstituted chimes lazily drifting through various low-count EDOs (not sure if the audio upload will work...)

A quick recording of a recreation of Cat Lamb's Secondary Rainbow Synthesizer. I made this patch in from a description in the score sample for Lamb's Prisma Interius V. is an open social platform for creative people, especially anyone in sciArt, data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research. English is the common language of the instance.