I proudly present: my new professional website, created by wonderful web designer CMVision.nl

Please visit the gallery with a selection of my dataviz projects:

National health institutes interviewed nearly half a million people and modelled the health of all Dutch neighborhoods, from chronic illness to smoking and depression.

I created an interactive map with it:

I haven been offline for a while, but here are two recent projects I worked on:
a guided tour of YouTube's universe of channels with a right ideology and how they are connected to other YouTube channels. Or: how one can easily end up with extreme content, starting from an innocent video.
(use Chrome page translate if you don't understand Dutch)


I have been offline for a while, but here are two recent projects I worked on:
a data driven explanation why forced birth control won't solve the food challenge that the world will face in 2050. Includes an interactive tool that let's you try for yourself what effect different birth rates will have on future population growth.

Animated all flights departing from Amsterdam Schiphol airport on the busiest day of the year (30 July), using D3.js and Adobe Premiere.

View the video near the top of this article:

For D3 / Dutch election / slope graph lovers: my latest project is an overview of shifting seats in the 2014 and 2018 county elections in The Netherlands.

With 335 slope graphs that automatically cluster and offset overlapping labels using an algorithm I used before in my physics research.


I swear, @lisacrost is doing the most clear and accessible writing about data vis principles today. Read her latest: blog.datawrapper.de/dualaxis/

Concluded my series of olympic speed skating visualizations by pitting the best Dutch men and women against each other :)

What was involved in summarising 10km speed skating races in a 10 second animated gif for the newspaper, within minutes after the end of each race... (video in Dutch, sorry)

My challenge this Olympics week was to visualize the small differences (tenths of seconds) in the speed skating races within the time and space of a 10 second animated gif on Twitter. Here are version 1 and version 2.

vis.social/media/vTdaCL4FciCHD vis.social/media/BODw0CmR4OJgl

@dominikus The rotating globe scroll idea came from your workshop last december :)

Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself with my latest project for newspaper de Volkskrant (non-Dutch people can view it with Chrome translate):

A combination of .js and , augmented with my own chapter navigation.

May use this story format again in the future so any user feedback to further improve is welcome.



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