new bay area d3 meetup alert! in Oakland on 2/13 we are throwing a block party!

it's an idea I've had for a while to try a different event format. I plan to MC and "VJ" blocks that I find interesting as well as ones people attending are interested in. I imagine it will be a fun way to dive into a wide variety of tech & design inspirations


I built with the support of the community and to help create and find d3 examples.

I co-organize the SF Bay Area d3 meetup because d3 is hard to learn and misery loves company ;) it's also really fun to meet others doing and making cool things you never expected!

Twitter played a big part in developing and expanding my craft. interested to see how a more focused community does!

hello, I'm a prototyper, tool maker, community organizer and long time fan of

I currently work at Google as a "UX Engineer" which is basically a front-end prototyper. I focus on making data visualizations for internal proof of concepts for the Google Cloud Platform.

I also 20% on with Google Brain where I'm learning all kinds of stuff about Machine Learning and trying to make visualizations that help others understand too.

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