new bay area d3 meetup alert! in Oakland on 2/13 we are throwing a block party!

it's an idea I've had for a while to try a different event format. I plan to MC and "VJ" blocks that I find interesting as well as ones people attending are interested in. I imagine it will be a fun way to dive into a wide variety of tech & design inspirations

@enjalot Can we maybe get an overview of changes in pre-release of d3 v5?

@kristinHenry I think that would be a good meetup on it's own. but certainly we can take a look at some 5.0 blocks together

@enjalot I'd really like to see a block demonstrating selection.clone and d3.create. :)

@kristinHenry @enjalot

d3.create is basically shorthand for:"div"))

will be nice for observablehq!

example of using the DOM version of clone:

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