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An amazing #datavisualisation about food. What kind of foods are unhealthy, and what kind of foods have a big environmental impact?

From the paper: "Multiple health and environmental impacts of foods" by Michael A Clark, Marco Springmann, Jason Hill, and David Tilman (

On to a start of a day full of Data Visualisation for the public sector!

Serving citizens through better data visualisation :-)

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Datavizzers unite! There is a competition by the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, to support the #fridaysforfuture climate strike movement.

Have you created a visualisation of Climate Change? Feel free to submit it at !

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For Chartable, the blog, I visualized voter turnout at the and wrote about my chart choices.

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Wow! Cool visualisation of the buildings of Enschede! :twente:

Red: Built around 1850
Blue: Built recently

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I really like this vote help system for the upcoming EU elections! It's created by Jan Willem Tulp:

Get an overview of what each of the parties opinion is on 22 statements. Where do they differ, where are they the same, which combinations you would support are supported by these parties, etc.

Wow, these visualisations by Nadieh Bremer about constellations across cultures are wonderful!

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Awesome projects by the second year students of the bachelor Creative Technology at the University of Twente!

Featuring four members of 'Orkest van het Oosten'!

Toot 2/2

:utwente:, @proto


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Hi, at the opening page of, do you show the global timeline on purpose? It might be more interesting to show the local timeline. Difference is somewhat like this, where utwente has the globlal, and has the local landing page:

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Day three of the SDG DataVizCamp. Maarten Lambrechts on XenoGraphics! (!

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