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Francis Gagnon | Voilà

In the midst of the debate about the latest NYT choropleth map of the US election, I find these European maps (or bubble grids) by @maarten quite refreshing (based on the work of Jonas Schöley).

I went to Eyeo and had the chance to meet @briromer and @duncangeere among others. Then I jolted down a few thoughts on the flight back to Montréal:

“Conferencing in the age of the Internet”

Will I have the chance to meet anyone from here at festival next week?

If you live/work in Montreal or if you're coming to CHI, I hope you saw the line up of the next meetup of Visualisation Montreal (April 25). It's a big one.

There may be some of our speakers here, so a big thank you. I'm especially grateful to Matthew Brehmer (Microsoft) who's been a real pro in assembling these dataviz Avengers: reaching out to VisMTL, recommending people, making introductions, following up. Work with him if you ever have the chance.

I’m formulating a plan for inclusion efforts on, with the goal of making this a more diverse (and therefore more valuable and sustainable) social space.

But… I don't know what I'm doing! Please review and comment to me here, or in the doc:


Any research on smoothed lines?

Some people take issues with them, but they seem to improve legibility when I apply them in Excel.

The case against is that they distort the data which isn't entirely true. 1) smoothed lines preserve the marker positions. 2) we can't assume that what happens between two points is linear.

S.O.S. What's the name of a chart like this? I just made one because I've seen them before, but the client is reluctant and I can't find other examples. It's a scatterplot with a line connecting to the zero points. Do they have a name? Examples?

It is with embarrassment that I will confess here to seing @rsimmon in my dreams the night after I spent a day researching colour tools for this post. He was commuting to work by running 100 miles each way, each day. Well done, champion!

(ok, I'm cross-posting from 🐦 but this seems important) We hear about color blindness, but what about dyslexia? Anyone avoiding italics based on research like this? 10% of people would be dyslexic; that's more than color blindness.

Is the identity of the person who manages a secret? Nothing on the website nor Twitter.

Is Dona M Wong the most elusive person in dataviz? I just got my hand on her WSJ Guide to Information Graphics and I realize I’ve never seen her on social media or on the list of speakers at conferences. Anyone interacted with her? is now 500 strong!

Am I the only one who didn't know (or forgot) that Edward Tufte sold some of his famous library items (Galileo, Newton, Playfair...) at Christie's for $1,8 million in 2010?

He seems to still be selling prints of them though.

What would be really cool is to have someone here who works at Microsoft on the graphs for Excel explain why they... well, are so limited. It takes so much effort to do something as simple as adding a reference line for instance. Why?! 📊 🛠

So 400+ clicks later, here I am, following almost everyone and looking like I'm fishing for followers. 🤠 👌

Is there a way to follow everyone at once?

This community seems sufficiently small and relevant that I'd rather unfollow later.

Oh well, typos are also a thing on Mastodon. 🤦‍♂️

gain. I'm re-entering as myself this time. I get so distracted by political shenanigans on Twitter... I have high hopes for this place. Thanks @scott !