I went to Eyeo and had the chance to meet @briromer and @duncangeere among others. Then I jolted down a few thoughts on the flight back to Montréal:

“Conferencing in the age of the Internet”

@francis Nice article! I can't speak for everyone, but personally I work from home and don't interact physically with people so often, so coming to a conference where it's all-interaction-all-the-time can be quite overwhelming. Looking at my phone for a few minutes between talks lets me get a valuable bit of headspace, decompress and give my brain time to process things (especially as the schedule is so full) I still got to chat to lots of amazing people so I don't feel like I missed out!

@francis @briromer @duncangeere great points! I find the eyeo organizers do a great job encouraging everyone to push out of their comfort zones and introduce themselves to strangers (or their heroes). But our addictive technologies and our brains work against our own interests in that respect.

@scott @francis @briromer Yes! They absolutely did. Lots of encouragement to talk to your neighbour, though in most cases I was already talking to them :D

@duncangeere @francis @briromer well, glad you did. I'm not sure anyone appreciates the guy who ignores other people for his phone. So dehumanizing, like most technology.

@scott @francis @duncangeere the eyeo phone app worked surprisingly well, even though it seemed weird to have connections mediated by an app when we're all there in person, I met / had meals with at least a dozen interesting people I may not otherwise have

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