@sarahslo thank you Sarah! Yes little Coop is doing better!!

@RFon thank you SO much for taking the time to read and for your moving thoughtsz here dropbox.com/s/xqf5m2yc50djbxt/ is the high resolution artwork

@enjalot thank you for your thoughtful comments, very appreciated! I started to help Kaki collecting these data (figuring out together what would be the best type of info to observe / categories etc) to find a way to be in control - for what possible. During the process, the daily observations (as she told me) made her feel she was in charge in a way, and became a powerful tool to use with different doctors. She is not in this vis channel but you can reach out to her on twitter an ask directly!

Hi vis! I am sharing a personal project I’ve worked on that was really heartfelt: medium.com/@giorgialupi/bruise
I called it The Data We Don’t See. You can read all about it at the link. I am not sharing it for publicity, I am really interested in what you guys think about experimentations like this, be candid. :)

Ciao Vis!
I am Giorgia, I mostly draw with data. :)

Here are few links about me:

- www.giorgialupi.com
- www.accurat.nyc (my data visualization design company, where I am one of the founders and the design director)
- www.dear-data.com (me + my great collaborator and dear friend @stefpos )

KUDOS to @scott for setting this up!


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