News flash: After an evening of hacking, our free and open source Disqus clone now supports OAuth sign-in via 🐘 Mastodon!

(so if you want to put a comment form on your static blog/website and want to allow your users to sign in via Mastodon, this might be for you)

we're going to update the schnack instance on soon (in case you're missing the mastodon button there)

In the meantime you can see it working in my blog post from last year

(also pls let me know if anything doesn't work)

@gka how difficult would it be to add "login with gitlab" to Schnack?

@mark depends on how flexible the integration should be. supporting just is pretty easy, but making it work with *any* gitlab instance is more work...

@gka i just need is integration with


Waitwhat?! This is awesome! I've been looking for something more #opensource and less bloated/panopticon than #Disqus.

That said... I can haz #fediverse #federated #activitypub comments? (ie where people can follow commenters, favorite comments in #Mastodon etc)

Oh, and a #Joomla plugin would rock, too, while I'm at it! 😝

Either way, *thank you* for making this real!!!

@gka I was going to created something like this, but with ActivityPub support, it would be great to have it implemented…

@m4sk1n @Blort After adding the Mastodon authentication it got us thinking about implementing even more integration in the future. I started a Github issue to collect ideas etc

Well, that might not be something you can answer, but is there a HTML widget to display mastodon timelines (and post from there)? That could be useful as well for static websites!

@watercollider since wordpress already comes with a self-hosted comment system i don’t see why you would want use schnack. we built schnack mainly for static websites

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