I wrote down some thoughts about the new "Data Visualization Society"

@gka as a fellow grumpy german i approve of this post 👍

@dominikus @gka Grumpy Germans ftw! Agree on all your points. Yet, the benefits of the approach they chose might still outweigh the drawbacks. The slack is really quite nice at the moment. Let's check back in a few months ;)

@JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus yes, as I wrote, I'm happy if it works out for everyone. But the grumpy German in me now feels better after having voiced my concerns once. Maybe at some point my curiosity will win and I'll join, but until then I prefer the open societies (I am pretty inactive anyway, tbh)

@gka @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus Excellent article! You've covered many of my concerns, and also my hope that it might work out. Moving to an open discussion forum, might help with the closed-nature. But stepping out of the walled gardens of tech is essential for it to be actual community.

@gka @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus Well, I was just told that 'leadership' doesn't want to 'fragment' the society by opening a forum as well as a Slack. I'm thinking that 'community' isn't really the goal with DVS.

@gka @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus I'm trying so very hard to be supportive of DVS, but it's getting harder and harder to do so.

@gka @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus I guess I'm just a grumpy San Franciscan with some German ancestry.

@kristinHenry @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus Slack is also a weird choice given that a Slack for ~4000 people will costs in the tens of thousand USD.

@gka @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus Exactly! It doesn't scale financially. I suggested a companion Discourse, and all of the archiving that comes with it. I don't see how that's 'fragmenting'?

@gka @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus I was just granted a 'free' hosted discourse, through my Patreon. And it's a really fantastic tool! Including being able to use a js-snippet to embed specific threads into static pages. I'm thinking of using that feature of some of my github pages.

@kristinHenry @gka @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus I’ve joined several Slack/gitter/Discord communities and always end up abandoning them after a few days because they’re too high volume for the format and require too much attention to follow, let alone participate in. Same was true for me on the DVS Slack.

I’m amazed that so many people can both be productive and follow what’s going on in there. 🤷🏻‍♂️😄

@darth_mall @gka @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus Yes! It amazes me too! But lots of folks seem to. Now that I'm an independent contractor, and still setting up my client base and work flow, I can only check in there from time to time and sometimes I can chime in on a chat-thread, if I arrive at the right moment.

@darth_mall @gka @JanWillemTulp @moritz @dominikus I've noticed a lot of folks have responded to my mentioning *Discourse*, which is an open source discussion forum software solution (with optional hosting), by talking about *Discord* which is a chat solution. What I am proposing is *Discourse* with Slack integration. Just to be clear :)

@kristinHenry yeah, I’m with you. I think I’d be a little more inclined to swing by a Discourse instance and browse the latest threads periodically than to keep dipping my head into the Slack fire hose. 😁

@darth_mall Sometimes, I actually have time to enjoy Slack. But usually not. :)

@darth_mall @kristinHenry I think it's pretty clear that with a community that size you need some sort of voting mechanism. This is how Reddit/HackerNews etc work, and it's proven to be very effective.

@gka @darth_mall There's also going to be diverse work-life-flow patterns withing the group. Just like I try to always make a viz color-blind readable (though I sometimes fail), a community needs different modes of engagement.

@gka As a newbie in dataviz, I relate strongly to your point about openess; I've learned a lot from the already-existing open resources. While I enjoy the idea of being able to talk to everyone via Slack, being in the team is quite overwhelming.

@gka I've been really enjoying the slack, but I appreciate the critique. If you're getting your dataviz itches scratched elsewhere, you shouldn't feel like you're missing out...but right now, it's a better feed and discussion place for me than twitter or

@gka also, DVS seemed to get big a lot faster than the organizers anticipated. Maybe, It'll feel less like it's sucking up oxygen after the initial fervor dies down (there's definitely been a dip in conversations this week).

@gka another concerning narrative thats slowly unfolding is that the three founders seem to be claiming some sort of ownership on the name and the brand, forbidding some people in NYC who recently hosted a meetup under that name. I can't fathom why

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