I updated the palette helper I made 5 years ago! Lots of new features:
- quick-editing of input colors
- added charts for saturation+hue
- added colorblind check and simulator
- fixed url serialization bug

Happy coloring!


I got this lovely old typewriter now but the fact that the backspace key points forward almost drives me crazy. It makes sense kind of, but still 😱

Had a nice train ride from Madrid to Pamplona with Alberto Cairo. We had good discussion about the Data Vis Society, Datawrapper, Flourish, and the good life in Miami. Saw a preview of his new book (junkcharts.typepad.com/junk_ch)! But then he fell asleep, recovering from his transatlantic flight..

the result is sort of interesting. for some months, like July and August the temp. increase really has picked up the pace in the late 1960s. But for October the increases seem to be a lot more "linear". Might be just some Loess artifacts.

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And today I forked Adams chart to use Loess regression instead of the linear model, because I thought temperature isn't increasing linearly (but maybe exponentially?)


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A few days ago @1wheel made a nice version of the chart that also shows the individual temperatures as points + linear trend lines

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Seven years ago, Datawrapper started as a paper sketch by Mirko Lorenz. Can't believe we're now a company of 11 people and 100% self-funded! I'm incredibly happy to be working with this team every day! Thanks to our customers for making this possible! ❤️ datawrapper.de/about-us/

It's been a slow but steady decline of my activity on 🐦 site. Heading for new record low in 2019.

So part of Google FusionTables have already shut down (does anyone know when this happened?). The entire googlelabs.com domain is down. Whatever happened to the good old HTTP 301 Moved Permanently?

In light of the FusionTables shut-down announcement yesterday we need to think about the durability and sustainability of online data journalism -- especially the interactive pieces.

The Guardian "warlogs" interactive from 2010 is 404ing and embedded FusionTables are already down theguardian.com/warlogs

The "dark age of data journalism" seems to be here already vox.com/2015/11/9/9623002/data

look at these few lines of JS code to see how easy it is to make a pie chart in D3

data > Array(18) [Object, Object, Object,...]
format > ƒ m(t)
color > ƒ i(i)

“Let’s make this boring bar chart a little bit more fancy by using horrible colors and distorting it” 😖 vis.social/media/6ipWY5bWzc-68

👁️ if you gaze into a sunburst chart long enough, the sunburst chart will also gaze back into you 👁️

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