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Yay, the fantastic hand-drawn North American Continent by Anton Thomas is 99.9% complete, after four years of work (!). Can't wait to see this hanging on a wall nearby...

even the spinny globe animation starts at your hometown and then brings you right into places where things are considerably worse. really good!

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A great way to break global warming down to the local impact: enter your hometown and the year you were born to get your own version of the story

fun fact: speakers at IEEEvis aren't paid and and even have to buy a $645 ticket to attend the conference. At the same time IEEE made $32,219,700 profits with conferences in 2016. Nice scam.

A rare social network diagram spotted in the wild on They also used (fake?) networks as background illustration for pull-out quotes /cc @jwyg

Ok, what do people here think about the weird 4 quadrant not-quite-pie-charts with different radii

To be honest, I have no idea how to read them. Hovering over the slices reveals the values which don't seem to add up to 100% at all.

For instance, in the second screenshot, dark gray is 72%, light gray 60%, yellow 42%, and orange is 26%.

Let's discuss!

Also it feels like it was designed for mobile only, so only 25% of my screen is being used for the graphics. And even worse, these 25% are then overlayed with the text so I can never see both the maps and the text at the same time.

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Hey y'all, I am *very* excited to launch a new Datawrapper feature today:

We added an integrated color blindness simulation and *automated color checking*!

Here's the blog post explaining it all

Didn't know about this nice hack to get interactive graphics into Medium blog posts: put an iframe into JSfiddle and then embed it
(used here

btw, is Matthiew Daniels already in here somewhere?

I think I'm going to browse it mainly to get the R code for all the example charts in the book.

Like the labels in the Texas counties plot, I didn't even know you could do this with just one line of code in ggplot!

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