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We currently have around 1.91 million #IPv4 addresses remaining in our available pool. We expect to reach the end of this pool before end 2019. Preparations have been underway for a while and we're taking steps to ensure a smooth run-out.

Read more at: ripe.net/manage-ips-and-asns/i

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ripencc/status/116

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Datavizzers unite! There is a competition by the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, to support the #fridaysforfuture climate strike movement.

Have you created a visualisation of Climate Change? Feel free to submit it at uclab.fh-potsdam.de/vff/ !

As a data journalist who is also a
👨‍🌾 gardener and concerned about the , I started to look into droughts in Europe, found soil moisture anomaly maps by the European Drought Observatory and counted pixels to see how bad it is. (tl;dr: it's bad) vis4.net/drought-in-europe/

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Exhibition about Marie Neurath's work in London, until November 3rd. Go see if you can:👉 twitter.com/MarieNeurath/statu

🐦🔗: twitter.com/srendgen/status/11

@colorfuldata why? i was thinking about adding a qualitative palette mode at some point. what’s wrong with a dropdown?

I updated the palette helper I made 5 years ago! Lots of new features:
- quick-editing of input colors
- added charts for saturation+hue
- added colorblind check and simulator
- fixed url serialization bug

Happy coloring!


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Hi, folks. I no longer have the capacity to run vis.social. Thank you for all of your donations over the past year to cover the costs. We're now spending ~$55/mo. on hosting, plus some administrative costs (like the domain name).

Anyone interested in shepherding vis.social?

@scott @nicolaskruchten the Data Visualization Society datavisualizationsociety.com/ Apparently they're a bit better off on the financial side (raised $1.4k/m on patreon).

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A beautiful venue, inspiring talks, awesome sketchnotes (thank you, @apilapepita@twitter.com!), meeting lots of new people – what a great, great @vizknowledge@twitter.com conference 2019 here in Finland! Thanks for having me, and thanks for the flawless organization.

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Beehive is like an open-source, self-hosted version of IFTTT.

... and it supports Mastodon!

Check it out: github.com/muesli/beehive

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