This weekend I finished Face -- an editor where you can edit both the the text and the font it is rendered in. Try it out at

@grantcuster That’s great! But it is hardly usable with non querty / azerty keyboards. (I use bepo)

@raphaelbastide because the characters you need aren't in the font, you mean? Or something else?

@grantcuster no I mean the navigation characters that are spread on my keyboard

@aparrish thanks! I'm a big fan of your work! Definitely let me know if you make anything with it or if there's a direction you'd like to see it (or future iterations of it) take.

@dmbaturin if you are in font mode you can use ctrl+d to download the font (as a png). You (or someone else) can then use ctrl+l to load that font as an image. (So in that sense you can save it, but not as a traditional font file.)

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