I made Res, an app to let you selectively pixelate an image using a compression algorithm. Try it on your own images and let me know how it turns out:

The selection technique of using the lossless compression size of each section as a proxy for complexity has lots of creative possibilities which I plan on exploring further (and so should you!).

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Can't wait for this to be used to make otherwise perfectly reasonable images look really dirty

@pyromage I think, based on how it selects, it would pixelate the NSFW parts of NSFW images last (pixelate everything else first). I'll have to run a test sometime.

@grantcuster this is really cool! it'd be interesting to vary the size of the superpixels based on the parent pixel's complexity with some kinda quadtree type shit

@jk yea, some sort of quad-tree type experiment is definitely in order.

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