Work ↓
Light and dark mode with hotkey. Mostly done using pywal, though Vim turned out to be tricky because the gruvbox package needs to have the background set. I might try using base16-shell instead...

@grantcuster I miss VGA-style palette swaps, and now find myself wondering if you can do that in the compositor nowadays...

@grantcuster the more i think about it the trickier it seems-- we didn't have to account for 24-bit antialiased text in the VGA days.

@phooky Yea (as far as I understand it) it would get messy. Maybe if you bucket the colors first before the swap (which is how works). Doing it at the level of the compositor is interesting, though, one way to guarantee it gets applied everywhere (versus pywal, which does its best to support anything that supports color config and reloading).

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