I wrote about swapping color schemes across terminals and Vim. Also trying to document how scripting in Linux is shifting how I think about computers:

Main takeaways:
- Unix "everything is a file" philosophy is powerful. This was the first time I really saw it in action/understood it.
- Escape sequences are weird. Very useful in this case, but I can't imagine a case for implementing it in something new.

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@grantcuster this is something the unix philosophy has always struggled with-- handling multiple streams of correlated data. (markup+text is a classic problem.)

@phooky that makes sense. Realizing this issue (or closely related ones) are everywhere. This is why copy+paste vs copy+paste as plain text is an issue. And I guess newline characters are also in instance of 'formatting as invisible character' that I never really thought of as such.

@grantcuster nice. gruvbox is my long term colorscheme for everything I can get it to work on. Generally stick with the dark variant though.

@bit_101 yea, I think dark is the better one. Light is nice for typing outside in the sunlight, though.

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