I wrote about the benefits of limitations in application launchers and about how using dmenu with custom launch scripts makes me feel more in control: writing.grantcuster.com/posts/

dmenu is basically autocomplete for launching applications and scripts, it's not so different to using Spotlight to launch apps on macOS. But because of the simplicity of the interface and how agnostic it is about what it launches, it opens up interesting custom workflow possibilities.

I've started writing a lot of simple custom launcher scripts. For instance, `750words` to open 750words.com in a firefox window, and then launching that with dmenu. I've been surprised how different (more intentional) it feels to open that versus opening a browser and navigating to it.

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You can do similar things in macOS, but because Mac apps are more polished, with nicely designed icons, the gap between your custom scripts and professional apps is much more noticeable. The limitations (name-only) of the dmenu interface make it much easier to customize and participate.

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