New experiment: Tri
Choose an image to render using a WebGL quad, adjust the texture and position coordinates to create different distortions, and save the result.

Tri came out of my own efforts to understand texture mapping in WebGL. Possibly it will help others, and the distortion effects are fun. You can learn more about the motivations in the video walkthrough ( or the release notes (

@neauoire thanks! All the Hundred Rabbits tools are a continual inspiration.

Have you ever experimented with WebGL/GPU/shader stuff? (I guess it is probably the opposite direction from your current interests.)

@grantcuster A tiny bit, I tried implementing it in Ronin a while back. It was pretty nice, it was the last big thing I did with html5 stuff.

I've done some shadertoy raymarching too a little while back, I don't have a machine to do that sort of stuff anymore..

@neauoire got it. I've always found it very unintuitive/odd to work in in previous attempts. Trying to engage with it on its own terms this time.

@grantcuster Well it looks like you've got the hang of it :) Looking forward to see where you'll take that

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