@phooky did anybody at resistor ever do work with transparent acrylic? I’m trying to think through how feasible it would be to disassemble a monitor and rebuild it with a transparent enclosure.

@grantcuster lots! Are you talking about an LCD or CRT, though?

@phooky LCD. I took the plastic enclosure off one today (similar to that electric objects prototype that was at the FFL office). Maybe I just want that exposed look with some tasteful additions. I do need/want to VESA mount it though, and in this case the metal piece with the mount was only taped on so I had to put some of the plastic back on to hold it together...

@grantcuster should be doable. We can easily laser up to 5mm; we'd do thicker stuff on the CNC. As long as you're not trying to put too much strain on it, it's pretty forgiving.

@phooky ah good to know relative thickness for laser vs CNC. Going to think it through some more.

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