@grantcuster This is a missing part of my workflow. Thank you for sharing this :)

@deianeira glad to hear it! let me know how it goes for you.

@liaizon @grantcuster Yeah it's some very nice #screenless design. I already boosted it!

Makes me think of the 17th Century multi-book reading machine: flickr.com/photos/pluriverse/2

Also the Kardex and similar visible file systems that were well loved in the medical field:

@praxeology @grantcuster that is a depressingly sparse wikipedia page for a topic I would imagine wikipedia nerds would have written many paragraphs about. I love those things, a friend of mine has a large one like the one on the picture in their studio

@praxeology @liaizon that multi-book machine is great and sort of tempting.

@grantcuster @liaizon I would need a studio about 3x as big as I have but it's a pretty nice design. You could get yourself an old Roubo saw and just go for it. fine-tools.com/rouboframesaw.h

@praxeology @liaizon yea there's no way I can justify the wheel space-wise at this point. I am planning to build a storage cabinet for swappable desktops, though.

@grantcuster @liaizon The circle is beautiful but if you want something more space efficient you could go for a kind of "paternoster" mechanism. Maybe you could hack a rug-by-the-meter or similar XL rotisserie machine.

@grantcuster re holding books open: look into book snakes. They're not super googleable, so here:

I've only ever used them with hardbacks, so ymmv.

@phooky ah cool! I had looked around before and ordered a Book Bone, which seems like a variation of the beanbag form.Will see how that goes and then maybe also try a 'weighted drapery sausage bead' as well.

@praxeology @phooky nice find! I like how some of these are functionally monitor arms... thinking about a set of monitor and physical book hybrid stand...

@grantcuster @phooky Yeah I was thinking similar thoughts as I saw these. Maybe I will also try to hack the old monitor arm I have in my studio.

Although, if I knew a blacksmith, it would be tempting to try to cook up something slightly kitch with ogee curved metal styling.

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