@grantcuster hey grant just an FYI my ISP (!) blocks your site. might be an issue with your security certificate? i can't even seem to override it!

@exquisitecorp thanks for the heads up.
Could you check if grantcuster.com is blocked too for you?

@grantcuster it is. it's being done by my ISP (currently verizon where i am but i am also sometimes at a place with optimum and can check there too)

@exquisitecorp thanks -- there's a few things I can check. I had trouble with that domain being blocked because of an old hacked wordpress install a while ago. Thought I had it fixed up, but there might be something related going on. I'll debug and then probably ask you to take a look again in the near future.

@exquisitecorp hi lee, I wasn't able to track down any likely causes for this. any chance is magically fixed on your isp's end now?

@exquisitecorp i guess my letsencrypt thing auto renews, so maybe you/your isp hit it at the exact right (wrong) time and it stuck around for a bit.

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