I wrote about swapping color schemes across terminals and Vim. Also trying to document how scripting in Linux is shifting how I think about computers: writing.grantcuster.com/posts/

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The more I understand what Base16 is: a structured way for setting up and applying color palettes (a design system), the more I am impressed by it.
from chriskempson.com/projects/base

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Light and dark mode with hotkey. Mostly done using pywal, though Vim turned out to be tricky because the gruvbox package needs to have the background set. I might try using base16-shell instead...

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Working on creating a gallery for images created using Constraint Systems. Hugo continues to be an enjoyable way to make a website.

New project:
Span is an alternative text layout experiment. Use vim-like keyboard controls to lay out and rearrange text, line by line.

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Tiling window manager + xzoom + automatic reload script makes for a pretty good design-dev set-up.

Inspiration ↓ feed.grantcuster.com/post/1592
Jennifer Jacobs on work as a “series of productive failures” (in her case trying to mash programming and drawing together).
from futureofcoding.org/episodes/04

Inspiration ↓ feed.grantcuster.com/post/1592
MakeSpace - I love the attention to the expressive possibilities of spatial arrangement in this project.
from makespace.fun/

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