@liaizon it was a CSS :before { content: '500 client error' } + hide everything deception!

... did you do it?

@exquisitecorp yea nice! that background wipe is good. and this is less broken/more usable than it is on average.

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Cascade - an experiment in collaborative CSS. Style is determined by the most recent 32 posts.
from cascade.constraint.systems

@exquisitecorp photocopy effect is an interesting prompt. it'd be fun for me to try something more connected to the mechanics of photocopier distortion sometime (the stretching is probably related to a slit-scan effect en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slit-sca maybe?)

@exquisitecorp i would of course love if you did! csos.constraint.systems/ exists now so you can side-by-side them (though nothing fancy in terms of sharing, you have to save and load the image to go from app to app, drag and dropping the file generally works, but is a little picky because of iframe focus issues.)

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Projector on ceiling resolution probably not quite up for coding. But an interesting experiment

@phooky ha i didn't realize this connection!

tbh I just googled 'vintage terminal' and looked around a bit.

i've really exhausted my 'aesthetic' images source with all the wip app screenshots

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I have this idea for a painting app using iframes and inspired by modular synths. It's quickly growing in complexity though, so I think first I'm going to do a simpler split-screen version, and return to the full idea later.

@phooky wouldn't that just end up as 'regular' zoom?

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