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@phooky if I wanted to use a pcb design as a background, what do you think the most "honest" diagram subject would be? Is there a place I can find diagrams for the stuff actually in my specific computer?

Work ↓ Realized there was nothing stopping me from using @benoitbodhuin's BallPill as a status bar font.

Work ↓ I might be galaxy-braining this, but I think I am going to make this website as a set of spritesheet-esque images generated using node canvas. I got very basic reload-on-changes generation working.

Work ↓ I'd been super cautious about trying to use the node canvas package, but (at least for this spritesheet generating case) it works great.

Work ↓ Documenting a cut. I built it so you could have six different 'texts', with separate inputs. But I'm realizing the complexity isn't worth it, you can get the same result with one text using new lines.

Work ↓ Split up layout and text input to try and get the scope down. createSpan working.

Work ↓ Multiple line selection is working but, man, there are a lot of edge-cases to deal with here.

Work ↓ Got a bunch of the movement and resize working, I think I need multiple selection though, so I need to refactor/rethink a bit.

Work ↓ Made some progress in the placement algorithm by holding the 'desired' x and width and basing placement off that. Still some bugs though.

Work ↓ Still really into this keyboard-controlled movable text-wrapping idea, but the complexity of all the states is too much right now. Need to think of ways to break it down.

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