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New experiment: Tri
Choose an image to render using a WebGL quad, adjust the texture and position coordinates to create different distortions, and save the result.

Tri came out of my own efforts to understand texture mapping in WebGL. Possibly it will help others, and the distortion effects are fun. You can learn more about the motivations in the video walkthrough ( or the release notes (

I made Tile, an experimental image layout editor that uses a tiling tree layout. You can move, split, and resize images using keyboard controls.

I made Tile because I love using a tiling window manager (i3wm) and I think tiling as an interface should be more widely used and explored.

Release notes:
Video walkthrough:

I recorded a video walkthrough of my experimental text layout editor Span, where I talk through some of the ideas behind it:

I talk a bit about making text layout editing a more flow-friendly experience and how laying out text is just very strange (it's one-dimensional!) and different from image layout.

You can do similar things in macOS, but because Mac apps are more polished, with nicely designed icons, the gap between your custom scripts and professional apps is much more noticeable. The limitations (name-only) of the dmenu interface make it much easier to customize and participate.

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