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Any edits create a new 'version'. Page creator gets to pick which version is pinned (version seen by default when you visit the page). Edits by page creator are pinned by default...

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If I wanted to make a site (or an internet) where anyone could create a page and every page was editable. What are the main editing models I could use?

- page creator has to approve edits (probably more system than I want to create)
- version control so you can go back through each version of a page (doable but I bet people rarely go back much)
- edits automatically create a new page (fork). maybe my top pick but new forks aren't necessarily discoverable.

Anything else I should be looking at?

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Making text flow across divs. Using some nasty/interesting layout measurement logic.

My new experimental text editor is live:
Adjust the grid size and text direction to create weird and expressive layouts.

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Cascade - an experiment in collaborative CSS. Style is determined by the most recent 32 posts.

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