might be of interest to people here - please share!!!!

NUI Galway Summer School in Visual Analytics is taking place June 10th - 14th 2019. Aimed at students, researchers, academics and industry professionals, the summer school will provide a mix of keynotes, case studies and practical sessions.

Early bird registration €250.00 (closing May 1st).

For further information please contact the organisers at vass@insight-centre.org or visit vass.datascienceinstitute.ie

I am chairing a special track on City Visualisations and Interactions with citizens at the 2019 ICDS conference in Athens - please share and consider submitting a paper! Deadline is January 8th 😃

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RT @ngehlenborg@twitter.com: Hard to believe that there is no consensus and strong recommendation to implement open access publication of proceedings. Come on folks, it’s 2018!

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RT @TSBBerlin@twitter.com: Einladung: Heute Abend (19 Uhr) eröffnet die Ausstellung 2018 in der @SenSWBerlin@twitter.com. Die Ausstellung zeigt Visualsierungen zum Großstadtleben aus aller Welt. Eintritt frei. Mehr: cityvis.io/competition.php?yea

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I love visual recording! Thanks to Benjamin Felis, here is a capture of this morning's invited talks -

yeah - first day at IEEE Viz a mix of interesting talks, cool connections and inspiration. But also some presentations outside my sphere of understanding. Big issue: food! Lunch to be paid for and reception tonight only had Pretzels - seems a bit stingy ...

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Anybody going to IEEE Vis 2018 in Berlin this month?


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