Hi @cj! Don't know if this is the right channel but the certificate for go-fed.org expired. :)

what you see is "any kind of road, street or path" (i.e. anything that's tagged "highway") in berlin, germany.

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i've been working on an toolkit for critical and experimental cartography and it's slowly, but steadily, coming together :)

TIL: There'se the hippocratic license, "an Ethical Source license that specifically prohibits the use of software to violate universal standards of human rights" firstdonoharm.dev/

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Penpot is out! Your new Open Source design and prototyping platform.

Try it now! #DesignFreedom 🎨 🎉


You can get mac-ish `pbcopy` and `pbpaste` commands on unix (when using X) using `alias pbcopy='xclip -selection clipboard -i'` and `alias pbpaste='xclip -selection clipboard -o'` btw

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Ok, drop everything! I just realized that I can ✨ edit my clipboard contents using `pbpaste | vipe | pbcopy` ✨

When we look at PNG from the point of view of glitch, what kind of peculiarity does it have? ucnv.github.io/pnglitch/

The Bridges conference explores the intersections between art and mathematics: 2020.bridgesmathart.org/

The OCellator has quite nice pictograms describing different structural editing operations.

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Love the Squirrel Love Song example. Also, if you like that, be sure to check out github.com/overtone/overtone

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@gnuHU_linux Danke für eure Anleitung unter projekte.hu-berlin.de/de/gnuHU, war sehr interessant. An der Stelle "Der User bleibt autonom und wird, anders als in unfreien Sozielane Netzwerken" hat sich ein kleiner Rechtschreibfehler eingeschlichen.

You have to love emacs for the people that put this much effort into documenting their own configuration tecosaur.github.io/emacs-confi

So I found github.com/akiraux/Akira, which looks like it could be Sketch for Linux. Does anybody have any info on how usable it is as of now?

til as well: there's github.com/simonw/datasette-ve which allows you to create vega charts from the data inside your datasette. beautiful piece of software

TIL you can run datasette on glitch! You can just copy a couple of CSVs into the project root and get a working SQL REPL and and the complete datasette API, that's pretty neat datasette-csvs.glitch.me/

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