Is there anybody in Berlin that would help me install on my ? Maybe some friendly people? 🙏

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This website is still pretty cool, both in form and content; it's at 0% battery at the moment, so you might have to check it out later

It was quite painful to figure out the complete openstreetmap stack. I might write a tutorial if anybody's interested. It's quite a cool feeling to do all of this with open knowledge and open source software. :)

I did something nice the other day and plotted using data from . Here's a glimpse:

@eq Hm.. is there something wrong with your rss feed? My feed reader can't parse it and Firefox is taking extremely long to load.Talking about

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@bobby_newmark fun fact, all the planets can fit in the space between the Earth and the Moon. :)

> In Japan, a schoolgirl was caught by the police for putting a link to a website with an endless loop

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This is a beautiful history lesson on , in and . Check it out if you have 50 minutes to spare!

People just genuinely trying to make devices as useful as possible, without any profit-driven intent behind it. Noice

I think these are among my favorite projects: is a free software add-on that runs from the SD/CF card and adds a host of new features to Canon EOS cameras that weren't included from the factory by Canon.

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so the server i send my mail from got a bad reputation recently and trying to have people be able to read my mails again makes this whole web thing feel 😭 so 😭 dryyy 😭😭😭

the description starts with a pooprocket and that must be the most adequate emoji use i have seen to date 💩🚀

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