Oh, in the end it even says it's a tribute to Moebius. Not too surprising. :)

I just found this nice interactive story, very Moebius-like aesthetics 2019.makemepulse.com/

Some of the best known examples used to explain the power of prominent tools (like ) only seem to work with some cheating. blog.esciencecenter.nl/king-ma

So contains an extensive list of cocktail recipes and that makes me very happy 🍹 query.wikidata.org/#%23default

Megapixels is an art and research project investigating the ethics, origins, and individual privacy implications of face recognition datasets created "in the wild." megapixels.cc/

I think my own personal hell would be writing webpack configs all day long

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artificial intelligence, climate change 

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psst, markov chains are the solarpunk GPT-2, pass it on

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this talk by @mako last year on how the tools of free software have been co-opted in order to create freedom for companies instead of freedom for humans did a great job of bringing together a bunch of threads I've been following recently as well as pointing out new insights and ways forward.

highly recommended if you care about ways in which software can help people and are concerned about our work being subverted.


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An important day for our freedom to organize freely without being spied on: @Framasoft has just launched their crowdfunding campaign to develop @mobilizon a decentralized and federated platform for event organization


Spread the word!

#crowdfunding #surveillanceCapitalism #FOSS #mobilizon #fediverse

Ambient music mixed with the sounds of San Francisco public safety radio traffic somafm.com/sf1033/

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If Gregor had wanted to be tortured like this, we can't endure it.

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Not so much a tutorial as more of a walkthrough I guess. Still worth the watch!

Saw this posted a couple of days ago by Daniel Shiffman on Twitter; incredibly fun and informative in youtube.com/watch?v=Cp5WWtMoeK

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