The frontal plane dissects the body into front and back halves. side-to-side movements. Sample exercises include jumping jacks, lat pull-downs, overhead presses, lateral lunges and lateral shoulder raises.

Transverse plane is an imaginary plane that divides the body into superior and inferior parts. Upper half and a lower half. Rotation of the body happens in this plane.

these are the planes of motion that are used in every day life by every human.

The sagittal plane divides the body into left and right. When we move along this plane, we are using muscle strength to move parts of the body forward or backward. Extension and flexion happen along the sagittal plane.

walking, running, jumping, lifting, biking, skiing, or lifting all happen in the sagittal plane of motion is an open social platform for creative people, especially anyone in sciArt, data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research. English is the common language of the instance.