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🎆🌈🎉🎇 ANNOUNCED: Mashup 3D Models in Blender with Mark Savage 🎆🤖🎉🎇 @PhenomenalMark@twitter.com
ART+TECH Festival 2020『JOYNT』
Thursday, Dec 17th 11:30a-2p PT
Create whimsical sculptures by remixing ModBod scans for VR, 3D printing, games, gif art etc!

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🎆🌈🤖🎉🎇 Cangjie’s Poetry 🎆🌈🤖🎉🎇 @w@twitter.com.e.i.d.i with Weidi Zhang and Donghao Ren
An Anytime Experience at the ART+TECH Festival 2020『JOYNT』
Multimodal intelligent system, conceptual response to the future semantic human-machine reality.

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Giving a 2 hr workshop on making art with ML through @codame@twitter.com! Sun Dec 20th, 11:30AM. Tickets: tickettailor.com/events/codame

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Always wanted to create audio reactive visuals for live shows?

Come and join us with @codame@twitter.com on Wed, Dec 16 @ 11:30AM - 14:00PM PT and learn how to use modV to create your own VJ performance!


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🎆🌈🤖🎉🎇 ANNOUNCED: Build Your Being in Spark AR 🎆🌈🤖🎉🎇 @empowa@twitter.com
Coming to the ART+TECH Festival 2020『JOYNT』
Sunday December 13th at 11:30a-1:30p (PT)
Bring your best face forward in augmented reality!

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Hey Cryptoart fam,
Want to see your pic be featured in the next batch ?
Some seats left. Just RT and follow @CryptoBadgesNFT@twitter.com to be in 🔥

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Our friends @CODAME@twitter.com are delighted to announce their annual ART+TECH Festival : , , and a ten-day event with workshops, art performances and more. December 11-20 festival.codame.com We have a 20% discount for you, use promo code: CODAME-2020

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I am so exited for upcoming ART+TECH festival from @codame@twitter.com 😱 Such an amazing community of creatives who LOVE tech.
Ton of awesome workshops, online experiences and projects form artist all over the world. Let's join together!


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petition to change the pronounciation of 'W' from "double-u" to "WAH"

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Do you know how to program an Arduino Circuit Playground to shine colorful lights, play tones, and respond to touch? I’m curating a holiday art + tech show for @codame@twitter.com and I’d love to feature your work!👇 twitter.com/codame/status/1326

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COIN Dev @dievardump@twitter.com demos @BeyondNft@twitter.com

A new standard that allows NFTs to be defined by code (html+css+javascript) which is rendered in a sandbox when the NFT is shown to the user (instead of showing only an image) mumbai.beyondnft.io/

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@ScrillaVentura@twitter.com @afuturemodern@twitter.com @theog__@twitter.com @DAOrecords_@twitter.com @Anonart6@twitter.com @bitcoinaudio@twitter.com oof @rariblecom@twitter.com the script you want is

ffmpeg -loop 1 -i cute-ningguang.jpg -i secret-rocker-by-starpause.mp3 -c:v libx264 -tune stillimage -c:a aac -b:a 192k -pix_fmt yuv420p -shortest metadata-rulez.mp4

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It's still somewhere 😎


who else in the game? s/o @ScrillaVentura@twitter.com @afuturemodern@twitter.com @theog__@twitter.com @DAOrecords_@twitter.com @Anonart6@twitter.com @bitcoinaudio@twitter.com (orz to anyone i missed scrolling up in the tele)

Through deduction you can determine the alias I was using 🕵️🤪

Takes me right back to yahoo groups 💗😁

Another crate dig... if this wasn't my first live it was pretty early from era 👀👂🚨

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Join our next from the comfort of your home on your favorite device. We will talk about "Creating Art in XR" this Monday at 5pm in @MozillaHubs@twitter.com.

Inputs by @stadtmuseum_a@twitter.com & @ARTINTRA_net@twitter.com: meetup.com/AR-VR-MR-ActionJam-

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Imps imps imps!!! These funky dudes and the hat Pokemon are some of my faves from gen 8. :'3

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