I've got the one and only @scott on this week's episode of . We talk about and other great stuff! |

@jschwabish @scott Just finished listening! Thanks for all the work/thinking you're doing to make this a nice place to hang out, @scott.

@alexwein @jschwabish oh wow thanks, and thank you, Jon. I wish I could have just gone on and on and on... Oh maybe I did but hopefully you edited it down. ;)

@scott @jschwabish just listened to the episode! Thanks for the reminder to jump back in here. 😀

@jschwabish @scott gah, the non-standardization of podcast platforms is driving me nuts. I started looking on spotify but then found out that some of the interesting ones are only on sound-cloud. I don't want to ever touch itunes, so maybe Ill need to set up a google music account.

Ranting aside, thanks for the notice .. Ill check it out soon.

@RFon @jschwabish :) for what it's worth, I use Pocket Casts for Android. It's A+.

@jschwabish @scott Just listened to it today as well. Thanks a lot for your work here, Scott, and to Jon for having you on the podcast. (Also, hardest-voices-to-tell-apart episode)

@francis @jschwabish :-D oh no really do we sound the same?? I try so hard to distinguish myself from Jon with my west coast vibe!!

@jschwabish @scott great podcast.
Tech note: it wouldn't play directly in the mobile app. the link led to the page, but the audio wishes wouldn't play the steam. Since it played fine in the mobile chrome browser, it's probably @tootdon 's problem to fix.

@WNYmathGuy @jschwabish @tootdon Thanks for the report! I'm sure Jon can throw his pro-podcaster weight around to get that glitch fixed. :)

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