I know it's been a couple of days now... but "It's getting dark, and my battery is low" is one of the saddest things I've ever heard.

For anyone else who felt it, XKCD is taking a more positive spin. Almost Marie-Kondo-esque.

Thankyou for your service little robot.

When I attended IEEEVIS, a lot of people asked me why a data science team in my industry (Finance) needed a Vis expert.

Ultimately, it's because black box algorithms can't make useful decisions on their own. As such, visualisations that help humans understand the model results are one of my team's key outputs.

Here's my boss on why black box algos aren't useful:


Sometimes in order for your Pokemon to evolve you have to trade it with another trainer.

Since I'm apparently my team's infoviz expert, and there's apparently a specific social network for that type of person (this place!)... Hello everyone!

Here's a photo of me planning out my colour math on a napkin at a cafe with a conveniently rainbow menu.


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