covid-19 pep talk, and PSA for young and healthy people 

It's easy to get fatalistic about covid-19, maybe even especially if you *are* young and healthy. "I'm gonna get it anyway, it probably won't be worse than a case of flu, what's the point of taking extra precautions?"

Something to keep in mind is that the worst part of a pandemic is that it *happens all at once*. This leads to insufficient hospital beds, overworked healthcare staff, etc.

If we can make the pandemic happen more slowly, we can free up resources for taking care of the people who need hospitalization. We can also reduce supply chain disruptions (food, medicine, etc.)

So: Handwashing, taking sick days off from work (and other types of self-isolation), avoiding travel... these can all be of immense help to everybody else, not just you!

Starting at 1800 DISTCULT: AlgoMech Panel on Distributed Culture – particularly interested in question of 'reducing or eliminating carbon emissions of academic conferences by taking advantage of modern internet-based audiovisual communication technology.'

Reinventing the wheel by creating better legs, for example?

I would gladly pay public-transport tax resulting in ticketless (free) trams, trains, e-bus infrastructure for all.

In the series of useful stuff for my work: a language-side envelope generator that seems to work just fine. Very, very limited as of yet, but does the job I want it to: creating fades for random parameters without having to use patterns or server-side envelopes...

@christoffer Oi, den var ny for meg... hvilken dialekt, og hva betyr trell?

@dave although, considering Norway unleashed Icelanders on Iceland, we might ultimately be to blame for the horrors...

Patterns and granular synthesis is an awesome combination. Especially when triggering new patterns in real time with accelerometers.

@luka For some reason I never managed to finish that book. Felt a bit too far away from my practice at the time. Maybe now is the time to pick it up again...

@dave That would be Iceland. I’m Norwegian. Semantics, I know, but in this case it pays off ;-)

@dave That’s one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen...

@mathr live coding audio in c. Count me impressed! Don’t know if it’s madness or genius...

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