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if you are missing good echo delay and reverb UGens in #SuperCollider, lately I'm using Greyhole and JPverb a lot. and they are pretty awesome to add some space quickly. you can dig into your own reveberation algos at any time, but when you just need to splash the dry annoying bleeps and blops and chirps and squeeks with some wet reverberating space, these two UGens are indespensable. they are in sc3plugins package.


Small improvement: check if me exists before assigning a Person to it...
var me = me ?;

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var me =; (
if (me.dead.not){*2);
rrand(1, 6).wait;
rrand(1, 8).wait;

... and here is a test of the fm feedback algorithm running through 4 different fx chains, using 4 minibee sensors...

Also: finally solved (at least partially) the problem of running multiple fxchains in parellel in a meaningful way, and choosing randomly which chain to use on each iteration of a pattern :-)

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Day of minibees, day of home-grown feedback fm synthesis, day of discovering new ways patterns can drive granular synthesis.

Is it obsessive to pacman -Syu several times a day?

"Rankin warned that tech giants were now "redefining the word "privacy" in their own marketing." While they may claim to protect it, what they really want is to protect privacy from their competitors, he added. "They add security measures to their software and services so only they can capture, view and sell all of your data and others can't.""

This allegiance to Google is execrable @privacyint !

Google and Android are actively catching all user's data permanentely, you cannot support this situation as "Privacy International".

Instead you and your partners should support more virtuous alternatives to Google-Android

Dear fediverse, can you recommend me a cheap, but good enough USB audio interface for XLR microphones working under Linux?

Currently I’m looking for USB and/or XLR microphones to be able to record podcasts, but for XLR I already have „retro” soundcard (unfortunately with PCI, but works with Win9x) and it would be cool if I could buy a microphone which I could use with both of my setups.

Hi, I'm Paula, the #Admin of the newly created instance

Here I'll mostly post admin-related stuff. My personal account where I post about #ClimateJustice (mostly in German) is @PaulaForFuture.

I can also be found at @paulakreuzer where I post about all kinds of stuff in English.

What do we want? Climate Justice!
When do we want it? Now!


#procedural swimming with tentacles, motion is achieved by arms pushing against the surrounding water


Hey! We're running a festival/exhibition/thing in Bristol in June! Do you like art and tech, but in a ~c r i t i c a l~ way? Do you like being paid for your work? Then please submit something to our open call!

Daily wisdom from the three-year old: “I am not a poop. I am a princess.”

A bit exhausting, yet still incredibly productive and pretty satisfying, this feeling of never knowing enough...

Please recommend a #FOSS alternative for Todoist.


Call for #algorave performers, 20 March Scottish Submarince Centre, Helensburgh

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