Hi, folks. I no longer have the capacity to run vis.social. Thank you for all of your donations over the past year to cover the costs. We're now spending ~$55/mo. on hosting, plus some administrative costs (like the domain name).

Anyone interested in shepherding vis.social?

@scott Would be really great if DVS could do that. vis.social is a nice alternative for folks who aren't as slack-centered.

@kristinHenry @scott agreed. I was going to ask if you’d brought it up with Elijah et al.

Also, is it just a financial thing, or a time thing?

@darth_mall @kristinHenry Just a time thing. I mentioned the cost because I don't like asking people for money, but I also don't want to pay for this all myself. :) So part of taking over or helping out would probably involve doing a little more planning than I've done around the financial side. (Hint: I've done no planning, really.) Whenever I ask for more, the same people very generously donate, but I don't think we should rely on the same donors over and over. Then again I'm no fundraised. :)


@scott and I completely understand about funding seeking. But many of us are happy to chip in when we can.

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