It's ! Here's my first drawing for . I'm playing with negative space and a curvy simple branching fractal. I've included my glass dipping pen in the photo.

Today's official prompt is 'mindless', but I forgot to check before drawing. I played with circles, curves, and tangents in today's drawing.

Trying to keep my drawings in just black ink. Not sure how long I can resist colors, these dancing starfish are tempting me to add color to them.

It's day 4 of , and the official prompt is "freeze". My mind goes right to bubbles frozen in chocolate and then I abstract a pattern. I'm going with solid as a frozen state.

Day 6 of , and I'm not really following today's official prompt. I wanted to play a little more with yesterday's pattern.

Playing with some ruffled fungi patterns for Day 8 of . Really wanting to use color, but challenging myself to stick to black ink for this year. We'll see how long I can resist colors.

The official prompt for Day 9 of @inktober2019 is "swing". So I drew some swinging bubbles...tentacles...branchy things.

Today's official prompt is 'overgrown', so I'm going with a simple branching fractal for my drawing.

Today's official prompt is "Dark" Coincidentally, the table used for my data art installation was taken and the projection has gone dark. Will attempt to fix before tonight's festivities.

'Fish, Closer to my Artistic Vision'. This and yesterday's drawing are expressions of my frustrations with projectors and such.

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