Hey and community, I need your help!

Getting more folks to sign up and report on the exact date their letter arrives is super important to this project.

It would be a huge help if you would personally invite folks you know.

You can help me collect data on USPS delivery times by signing up for the next batch:

How it works:
1. You sign up
2. I mail a sticker to you
3. You tell me when it arrives

@kristinHenry This seems like a really cool project! (And I do like free things ...) I would love to sign up.
But would you mind describing the available sticker options a little more first, please? I'm blind, so can't just look at them, and names like "boxes" don't quite tell me much.
Thank you! :eyeless_smile:

@Mayana Hi! I'll try...'boxes' is a drawing with nested squares drawn up next to each boxes in boxes.

@Mayana With small circles inside the smallest nested squares.

@kristinHenry That sounds pretty neat! Thank you very much for the explanation. :ms_smile:

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