I'm growing increasingly uncomfortable with the pro-NFT posts on this instance. Honestly, I really don't know what to do.

It also deeply disturbs me that the NFT crowd has essentially lifted the whole Generative Art field in such an unhealthy way.

I've been creating Generative Art for a really long time, and while I love seeing the field grow...I'm not at all happy with the NFT aspect. A pyramid scheme is a pyramid scheme no matter how you rebrand it. Not to mention so many problems.

If you are on this instance, I would appreciate your feedback on this issue.


Perhaps it's me to find a new instance to call home, and keep making things that you care about and enjoy?


That does raise additional questions.

That said, if it is your server, it's your home. If you feel that something is going against your beliefs, you can make changes to the rules guests must abide by to remain there.*

*With attending fallout, naturally.

Sometimes upsetting someone for the right reasons is a tough yet necessary choice.

@kristinHenry I don't know what to do about it either, but I share your distaste for it. I stopped looking at our local timeline because of all the NFT posts.

I had assumed that since we welcome artists, and this is an unavoidable part of the generative art world, that this is just something we have to live with, but maybe not?

@kristinHenry If people are grifting on the timeline, we could certainly stop that. But I'm less comfortable restricting artists genuinely trying to sell their art, regardless of how much I hate the mechanisms they use to do so.

@darth_mall Yep, that's the exact difficulty.

But I also don't want to give the impression that it's a 'good' market to enter.

And I also don't want to be constantly posting about my issues with that market. I just want to post my art and ideas...and somehow not get drowned out.

And...I want this to be a safe place for artists who see the problems with that market.

It's so complicated.

@darth_mall @kristinHenry
> But I'm less comfortable restricting artists genuinely trying to sell their art, regardless of how much I hate the mechanisms they use to do so.

Nobody forces artists to sell their art through bigger fool scams, that is their own choice. If a consequence of that choice is that they are not welcome to promote these bigger fool scams in certain spaces, then it is up to them to decide if that is worth the price. It is not our responsibility to give them a platform.

@darth_mall @kristinHenry And whether or not they don't (want to) realize it is all a scam is (mostly) irrelevant IMO, at least when it comes to deciding whether or not we should tolerate NFTs.

This isn't about the intention of the artist, it's about the actual consequence of what they actually do. You can compare it to how battling sexism/racism/etc. is extremely hampered when the entire discussion focuses on whether or not they *intended* to be sexist/racist/etc. That's missing the point.

@vanderZwan @kristinHenry yeah, it's not so much that I disagree with you, it's just that I feel some sympathy for an artist who is trying to sell their art and just going where the buyers are right now.

@darth_mall @kristinHenry Oh yeah, I totally get that. But I can sympathize with and even respect the hustler while still rejecting the hustle, you know? And I don't feel like doing so is a contradiction.

@darth_mall This! I did too!

But then...I did look, and was not happy.

There was one post that was abusive to those who aren't 'into that scene'. And I called it out.

So, now, I check periodically.

@darth_mall Maybe we should think about how to support healthy discussion? But I don't see any positive side of that market.

@kristinHenry yeah, I agree. It seems like the whole thing is just a giant con that pollutes as a bonus.

Maybe declaring this a crypto-free instance is a good option: No posting your NFTs or dApps on the public timeline. I mean, it is your instance, so it's fair to set whatever rules you want. Likely there are crypto instances out there for anyone that doesn't like the change.

@kristinHenry I feel the same way - although I'm biased because I had to tell a (now former) friend that I never want to speak with him again. He's been pushing insane cryptocurrency bullshit at every possible chance that he got for over a decade, while being completely blind to the fact that he is sliding deeper and deeper into AnCap cryptobro subculture. It was pretty depressing to see him being "groomed" by the far right while refusing to acknowledge it whenever I tried to point it out.

@vanderZwan I'm so sorry you had to go through that. It reminds me a lot of loosing friends to cults.

@kristinHenry I would say just forbid it. It's a social problem before it is a technical problem, so it needs to be fixed in the social space.

If people are upset at this they can start their own instance or join a different one.

@kristinHenry my gen art physical media sales have almost totally died. It’s horrible

@smerp ugh. much similar here. lack of in-person events has made it worse

@smerp your work is great! Do you mind if I share some of it with my little twitter bot?

@kristinHenry please feel very free! thanks! i am looking at your etsy shop and it's gorg

@kristinHenry hi! I just arrived here as I'm finding twtr increasingly unjustifiable from an ethical pov.
I don't understand mastodon very well yet, but thank you for this instance.
Something I do on twtr, insta and LinkedIn is immediately block anyone who appears on my TL with NFT and crypto bullshit and will do it here as well.

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