Playing with some update ideas for my "Sunflowers" animated meditation. Might take me a while to get this one right, but here's an early screenshot.

The current version is already posted:

@kristinHenry When i first saw your sunflower animation i thought it was the colors of Ukraine. Today one of the Ukrainian refugee women told me with the translator app that they have many sunflower fields in Ukraine. The refugees have several times in the last few days asked me about sunflowers and sunflower oil. Now your animation has another meaning for me.

@kandid One of my inspirations for piece came from the Sunflowers in Ukraine.

@Grenwich39 I don't recall mentioning Fibonacci numbers on this piece that I worked on while sitting deathbed vigil for my mother.


@Grenwich39 You might want to spend some time on mastodon before making comments like you did. It's a different place. No matter what instance.

You might also just apologize, and move on. Or perhaps even appreciate an expression of death and loss, with out noting on what you think it lacks.

@Grenwich39 You really haven't gotten what's going on here.

You are now blocked from my instance. Once I implement.

I hope that you eventually grow.

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