Hey Mastodon admins! How do I block an account on another instance from harassing accounts on my own instance?

@kristinHenry On the web client:
Click on his username to get to their profile.
Click the "..." icon.
The last option in that menu is "open the moderation interface for [that user]"
Scroll down and click the "Suspend" button.
Optionally you can leave a note why that account is suspended.

@Anke It's a new account in another instance, should I keep record of it?

Their comments to me seem to be a bit mysogenistic...saying I have "delicate sensibilities" when commenting on a piece I created in my evenings while sitting deathbed vigil for my mother. And yes, this is what he said after I mentioned this.

@kristinHenry I think making a note is generally good policy, so you'll know in a year why they were banned.

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