Why isn't there an automatic RED BUTTON that women can just SMASH when they are being attacked? Like let someone else deal with it!
Asshole just said I don't "write my own code" or my mother's death is irrelevant to the art I created when coming home from sitting at her deathbed

To be honest, I was first thinking about this from a social media perspective.

But wow! Women really need this RED BUTTON all the time everywhere, online and in real life.

Fuck! Really, dudes have no idea how easy their lives are.


And it needs to be led by women, but men also need to participate.

Good men see bad men behave badly all the time. Some, but not all of that bad behavior is directed at women. Much of it is very terrible.

But men need to feel free so SMASH that RED button, no matter the gender of the target.

We all need to!

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